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Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator
Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator Specification

Fiberer Rohs
1x4 Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator
1x4 Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator (above)
Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator system has the unique advantage of online temperature monitoring with dead-zone free. Built with self-developed pulse light source and photoelectric detection module, our DTS products can measure the temperature distribution over 10km optical fiber multiplied by 8 channels. OEM model is well available on customer’s special request.
Underground power cable temperature monitoring
Heat pipe leak detection
Tunnel fire prevention
1550nm operating wavelength with lower transmission loss
Maximal 10-kilometer optical sensing cable measurement with 8 channels
Less than 5s response time
Better than 0.1 temperature resolution and 0.5 accuracy
Both temperature and slope measurement
Reference Information
Operating wavelength (nm)
Monitoring distance per channel (Km)
Temperature range (℃)
Temperature resolution (℃)
Temperature accuracy (℃)
Response time (s)
Sensing fiber
50/125μm MMF
Channel count
1~ 8
Communication interface
GUI software included, API for development
Operating temperature (℃)
Power supply
0.5A@220V AC, 3A@24V DC optional
Dimensions (L×W×H, mm)
Ordering Information
Channel Number
Monitoring Distance
Scan Speed
Power Supply
1=1 Channel
2=2 Channels
8=8 Channels
H=High Precision


Packaging & Labeling
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Customized & OEM
Fiberer always do Customized for customer's request successfully, It is available for Customized & OEM.

Quality Assurance:  assure 100% best quality.
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Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator

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